Was Jesus actually born on December 25th?
What is a Cardinal? - expanded answer
Is "canon law" a military term from 16th century religious wars?
Must I be 'born again' to enter the Kingdom of Heaven?
Did Vatican Council prohibited the Latin Mass & priests facing wall?
What if it is a Latin Mass of a schismatic sect?
Liturgy means 'work of the people' so can we can change the Mass?
How soon are we going back to Latin and the true Church?
Why do Catholics worship statues and old bones of saints?
Is Mary's genealogy stated in the Gospel of Luke?
What about the 'Building the Kingdom of God' retreat brochure?
Where in the Bible are we told to not eat meat on Friday?
Do Jews reject Jesus because there is no peace & prosperity?
Where in the Bible does it say that we are saved by faith alone?
Is the movie 'The Passion Of The Christ' 100% true and factual?
Why do we always have the same old boring communion wafers?
Why are we chanting more and singing fewer hymns?
What do the terms 'Easter Duty' and 'Charismatic Renewal' mean?
Why is the Catholic Church so opposed to stem cell research?
Is the History Channel correct about the evil Spanish Inquisition?
How was the Spanish Inquisition a 'real life saver' ?
Is there no more Limbo, or is Limbo just in Limbo for now?
Are Catholics also Christians?
Was Pope Pius XII an anti-Semite?
Why whitewash the atrocities of the Spanish Inquisition?
I'm saved by faith, but do I need to do more?
Is an Annulment a 'Catholic divorce' ?
Isn't the Latin Mass Anti-Semitic?
Aren't all denominations "Churches" and equal?
Do you sell indulgences - those 'free passes' to Heaven?
Do you really believe in miracles?
What's with this 'Apostolic Succession' stuff?
Shouldn't we talk in Church to build up the community?
Why bring back the Old Mass? - - - Part 1
Why bring back the Old Mass? - - - Part 2
Should it be called the Tridentine Mass or Latin Mass or Old Mass?
Did Mother Teresa lose her faith?
Is there room for personal revelation at Mass?
If there is only one mediator -- Jesus -- why have others pray for us?
Why were those nuns excommunicated?
What's with Santa Muerte?
Why isn't the Assumption of Mary in scripture?
You say Respect Life, what about choice?
Did you hear Dumbledore is gay?
Whatchoo talkin' 'bout demonic?
Let's look at Harry Potter again
Where do votive candles come from?
A Last Look At Harry Potter
Is there instant Sainthood?
What is an Imprimatur?
You say a lot about devils, How 'bout them Angels?
What do you think of the Bayside prophecies?


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