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About  Us
About The Board of Directors
Frommeyer.Com can trace its origins back to the fall of 1994, when the Board of Directors of the Frommeyer Family First Financial Fund Foundation (aka the 6Fs), first authorized its senior grunt and chief handyman to investigate the merits of the internet as an educational resource.

The driving force behind this dictate was Donna-Marie, the Chairman of the Board of the 6Fs.  For nearly two years (since 1992), she had been aware of the internet through her active participation with the AASH (Alumnae Association of the Sacred Heart).  That's when the Sacred Heart school system plugged into the internet network.

The Chairman and her Board of Directors - August 1994
The Board of Directors - August 1994
pictured from left to right
Donna-Marie, Caroline, Mary Kate, Peter and MiniMe (aka Lil' Jimmy aka James IV) 

Nearly a decade has passed since the initial investigation of the internet began - an evaluation of it as a resource to be utilized for our home schooling purposes (we began home schooling the Board of Directors in September 1994 and continue to do so today).  During that time, the internet has gown into something much more that an just and educational resource tool.

The Chairman and her Board of Directors - July 2002
The Board of Directors - July 2002
front row, pictured from left to right: Donna-Marie and Mary Kate
back row: MiniMe (aka Lil' Jimmy aka James IV), Peter and Caroline

About Senior Management
For nearly a quarter of a century, Jim Frommeyer has worked for and serves at the pleasure of the Chairman and her Board of Directors.  In brief, Jim immediately recognized the value and potential of the computer after he purchased his first computer (a Commodor64) in 1983.  Within a year, he was teaching others how to use and how to program PCs (personal computers).  During the last 20 years he has learned and mastered a multitude of computer skills, including the following:
PC Instructor Since 1984
Digital Graphic Designs Since 1989
Database Programming Services Since 1992
Site Design and Webmaster Services Since 1996
Site Design, Management and Hosting Services Since 2002
Learn more about Jim Frommeyer

About Frommeyer.Com
Three years after Donna-Marie authorized the initial internet investigation, the Frommeyer.Com domain name was acquired by Jim Frommeyer on September 12, 1997.  It was initially utilized for both personal and business purposes, including that of James Frommeyer & Associates

In the fall of 2001, Jim relocated from downtown Chicago (formerly located in the heart of the "Loop" at 200 North Dearborn Street), to Harvard, Illinois (about 75 miles northwest of Chicago).  At that time, he registered Frommeyer.Com as an assumed name with the City of Harvard and McHenry County under which he would be doing business as a web site developer.  Jim also opened a Frommeyer.Com business account with The Harvard State Bank.

During 2002, new computers and programs were set up in the Frommeyer.Com offices, a 15kw electrical generator was installed to provide electricity in case of power failure, a merchant account was created at The Harvard State Bank to accept credit card payments (Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover and Diners Club), a business account was established for those who might prefer to use PayPal as a third-party credit card processor, and Frommeyer.Com became an authorized reseller of domain names through the OpenSRS System.

About The Frommeyer.Com Web Site Servers
Frommeyer.Com uses the EV1 Network servers, through the Dot5Hosting system, that are situated in the eastern areas of Texas. These servers are linked to the Internet via fiber-optic connections that span more than seven diverse backbones and well-known providers including Congent, Sonet and Time Warner.

The network is connected with redundant DS-3 lines.  The network map is shown below.

At Frommeyer.Com we take your data security very seriously. One of the reasons that we selected the EV1 Network and Dot5Hosting system is because each of the seven backbones of the network includes a high power UPS generator electrical backup, closed circuit monitoring and redundant air-conditioning systems. The wide spread hardware infrastructure and additional systems enable us to provide solutions that are of the highest possible speed and quality. 
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