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E-Commerce  Packages
A Simple Definition of E-Commerce
E-Commerce: the ability to make financial transactions (sales, donations, etc.) on the Web.

A More General Definition
E-commerce, ecommerce, or electronic commerce is defined as the conduct of a financial transactions by electronic means.  With the growth of commerce on the Internet and the Web, ecommerce often refers to purchases from online stores on the Web, otherwise knows as e-commerce Web sites.  They may also be referred to as "virtual-stores" or Cyber stores. It can be subdivided into three categories:
B-to-B - business to business - (Cisco selling equipment to your ISP)
B-to-C - business to consumer - (Amazon selling books to you)
C-to-C - consumer to consumer or - (eBay - individuals selling items to you)

Our Definition of E-Commerce
Our e-commerce definition at Frommeyer.Com is harnessing the power of the Internet to help you make money (sales or donations) more effectively and efficiently by having the ability ability to conduct financial transactions electronically, securely and legitimately. We stress both securely and legitimately here because many transactions conducted online are by thieves. 

It also means building your on-line store on a custom designed foundation (with an inventory database, if needed), and adding secure credit card transactions (with either real-time or manual authorization) using one of Frommeyer.Com's custom programs or with any third-party program, such as CyberCash or other similar system, including PayPal.  It includes integrating the on-line checkout process (including sales tax and/or shipping costs, if applicable) with your fulfillment center and furnishing you, the merchant, with tools to manage your on-line store effectively.

Worried About Security?
Frommeyer.Com has a variety of solutions designed to satisfy any security concern.  One of the best methods is with a Frommeyer.Com custom designed semi-automated system - where you, the merchant, must manually review and process data before any transaction is completed.

Two (2) Economical Ways To Accept Credit Cards
If you've never accepted credit cards before, Frommeyer.Com can assist you in establishing your own business accounts at little or no cost.  Click on the links below for more details:
Your Own Merchant Account -- direct billing by you for 5 credit cards:
Visa, MasterCard, Discover, Dinners Club and all American Express cards.
PayPal Business Account -- third-party billing for 4 types of credit cards:
Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express (but PayPal can not accept the American Express Corporate Card at the present time).
Have both of the above accounts -- see why Frommeyer.Com uses both.

Order Forms, Donation Forms, Shopping Carts and more...
Frommeyer.Com can custom design a program (as well as install and modify any third-party commercial program that you may have already purchased or leased) for any need:
Micro - from 1 to 12 items
Small - from 10 to 50 items
Medium - from 50 to 250 items
Large - from 250 to 1,000 items
Macro - over 1,000 items

Caution, Sellers Beware
Offering to sell stuff over the Internet is not a crime, but there's a company that is threatening to sue small businesses that are using the Internet for commerce. see current news articles

Did You Know
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