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How To Hide Your Email Address From SpamBots
Three (3) Ways To Hide Your Email Address From SpamBots
Presented below are three (3) different ways to prevent automated robots from harvesting any email address that you need to have posted in your HTML web pages. 
#1 - Use A Non-Clickable Image Of Your Email Address
Make an image (such as a GIF or JPG image) of your email address and post it in your web page.  However, do NOT make a mailto: hyper-link that will pop open a pre-addressed email window.  Just post the image, such as:
But, this method had three (3) minor problems or drawbacks:
The 1st is that people must open their own blank email window.
The 2nd is they must type your address into their blank email window.
The 3rd is they can not "copy-n-paste" your address into their blank email.

#2 - Use A Clickable JavaScript For Your Email Address
You will need two scripts.  The first breaks down your email address into three coded parts [ who @ url ] and defines how it will be printed.  It can be placed anywhere on the page, but I put it in the head (to see how I use this script, go to our Contact Us page).  Copy the below script.  Then just change Jim to the name that you want to appear before @ and then change Frommeyer.Com to the domain name that you want to appear after @.
<script language="JavaScript" type="text/javascript">
var who = "Jim";
var url = "Frommeyer.Com";
function print_mail_to_link() {
document.write('<font size="-1" face="arial" color="blue">');
document.write("<A HREF=\"mailto");
document.write(":" + who + "@");
document.write(url + "\">" + who + "@" + url + "<\/a>");

Then copy the following script and place it exactly where you want your email address to appear in your web page.

<script language="JavaScript" type="text/javascript">print_mail_to_link()</script>

Unfortunately, this method had a minor problem or drawback - the person reading your web page must have a Java enabled web browser to see your email address.  If Java is disabled, they they can not see your email address.

#3 - Use a Perl or CGI Script To Submit A Form Response
A great way to let visitors contact you, but prevents SpamBots from finding and recording your email address.  To see how I use this Form Response script, go to our Contact Us page.


Many of the older Perl and CGI scripts that are available on the internet are very vulnerable to hackers.  If you use a Response Forms at your site, how secure is your form mail script?  Can a Spam Mailer hack into your script and then send spam (junk mail) from your site?  It happens all the time!  

Learn how to prevent this from happening to you!  And, to obtain more details about were to get FREE scripts, go to our secure Form Response scripts.

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